sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014


Now complete the sentences below choosing the correct answer

1. Bob is ________.
a) slim
b) thin
c) fat

2. Jane has _______ hair.
a) dark
b) blond
c) yellow

3. Martin is ________.
a) fat
b) slim
c) stocky

4. Rick is ________.
a) short
b) tall
c) average height

5. John's hair is _______ __ _______.
a) blond and short
b) long and black
c) black and short
6. Cathy is _______ __ _______.
a) tall and stocky

b) fat and short
c) slim and tall

7. Bob has ________, _______ hair.
a) short, blond
b) brown, long
c) long, dark

8. Jane is _______.
a) fat
b) thin
c) average weight

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